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Who we are


Linotec GmbH is a producer of customized software solutions and services for company management and data administration. At Linotec, you receive designs, solutions, data maintenance and customer support from a single source.

Our main modules, LinoSoft® and LinoSen®, are adapted to a company’s existing processes through the use of tailored components.

As an accredited and well-respected company active in database design, database development and database application, Linotec supports its customers above and beyond the usual development and installation. We are experienced consultants for all software-related issues, hardware implementation, holistic administration and IT security.

„We adapt our modular program to the customer, not vice versa."

Dipl. Ing. Peter Lutz


What we do

Our services

The modular solution for business and production processes

Analysis, planning, implementation and control of business processes

Individually tailored help for all questions regarding hardware and softwaree

How to reach us

Remote maintenance

Take advantage of the quick-and-easy support by our technicians via the Internet. Our service is also available outside business hours, and we can solve software problems from near or far.

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What we provide

Our product


LinoSoft® software supports processes along the entire value-added chain. Along with the components for administration and production, it controls all company-related functions and allows for a structured data management.

From address administration to receipt management, from digital document database to holistic warehouse, goods and production administration – LinoSoft® assists in optimizing your business processes.

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